How often is the data in the Customer Portal refreshed?

The refresh frequency in the Customer Portal isn't exactly the same across the all functions. Below is a handy guide.

Instant Search

As a general rule, all data present within the Instant Search functions refresh between 5-10 minutes. Meaning that if you placed a parts order, it will appear 5-10 minutes later in the customer portal.

Please note that in some cases, like paying an invoice in the Customer Portal, there may be a delay before our internal records are updated. In the case of paying an invoice through the portal, the time taken to update our records is 24-48 hours. The Customer Portal will then update 5-10 minutes after that.

Reports (Assets, Financials, Operations)

While the data is refreshed every 5-10minutes, the reports will only reflect changes once per day. This change will happen at approximately 20:30 GMT (6:30am AEST).

Please note that there may be situations where the reports are refreshed intermittently between automatic refreshes.

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