Changes to Assets Functionality

After much user feedback, we've made some relatively significant changes to the way you view assets in the Digital Dealers platform. The changes are listed below.

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Retirement of My Assets Instant Search

Originally, the My Assets Instant Search included owned equipment, rented equipment and attachments. After listening to feedback and consulting many users, we've decided that better visibility on owned and rented machines is required.

Introducing My Fleet Instant Search

After retiring the My Assets Instant search, we've created a new Instant Search that only contains owned machines. This is designed to give the user a complete view of their owned fleet. This does not include any attachments or rented machines.

Read more about the My Fleet Instant Search here.

Introducing My Rentals Instant Search

With the retirement of the My Assets Instant Search, we've also included a new instant search for current rented equipment, call My Rentals Instant Search. This will only show current active rental contracts.

Read more about the My Rentals Instant Search here.

Retirement of Attachments

After consulting many users, visibility of attachments within the Digital Dealers platform has been phased out - of both Instant Search and the Assets Report.

Changes to Assets Report

To stay aligned with the changes above, we've removed the ability to filter attachments on the Assets Overview and Warranty tabs. We've also included the ability to filter between Owned and Rented machines on the Assets Overview tab.

If you have any questions about the changes above, please contact us.

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