Rentals Instant Search

The Rentals Instant Search gives the user the ability to search for a specific Rental Contract or Rented Equipment. Each item in the list will show more information if selected.

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Instant Search


At the top left of the Instant Search view, next to the title Rentals, a search field is available. Typing into this field will filter results instantly. This is particularly useful for finding a specific rental contract by Serial Number or Alternate ID - however a group of assets can be found if searching by Model Description or Model Number.

The user can search

  • Serial Number
  • Model Number
  • Alternate ID
  • Model Description

Rental Contract Details


If an item in the Instant Search view is selected, more information on that rental will become available. Some fields may be left intentionally blank, and only assets with current or expired warranties will show the Warranty Description underneath the asset details. If you believe missing data should be available, or data is incorrect, please raise a request for support.

Asset details include

  • Contract ID
  • Customer Account
  • Serial Number
  • Alternate ID
  • Model Number
  • Model Description
  • Manufacturer
  • Ownership (Either owned or rental)
  • Is Attachment (if asset is equipment or an attachment)
  • Configuration
  • SMU Reading
  • SMU Date (Date of which the previous field SMU Reading was last captured)

Warranty Description (if applicable) include

  • Warranty Description
  • Enrolment Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Warranty Status (active or expired)

Exporting Rentals as a .CSV


At the top right of the Instant Search view, an Export button is visible. Selecting this Export button will drop down the option to limit how much information the user will download. By default this is set to 100 rows, however there is no limit to the amount of rows that can be exported.

In regards to Rentals, 1 row equals 1 machine, but if any machines have active or expired warranties, those will also contribute towards the line count. To export the entire list of machines, simply type a very large number, and export.

Press the export button on the dropdown box to start downloading a .CSV file of all available information.

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