How to Login to the Portal

Logging into the Portal can be done in a number of ways, there are Social, Enterprise and Username options. Depending on whether you are a customer or employee, your ways of logging in may be different.

If you are logging in for the first time and are receiving an error message, you may not have been given access. Click here to request access.


If you are an employee, the most likely way you can login to the portal is by clicking the Login with Office 365 button.

Please note, you will need to login with a valid Office 365 account, which has been granted access to this portal.

If you cannot remember your Office 365 email or password, please contact your local IT Service Desk.


If you are a customer, you can login with Social, Enterprise or Username options, however, this must be the same option you used when you completed the sign up process.

If you signed up with the Username option and have forgotten your password, please click the Don't remember your password? button and follow the prompts.

If you continue to experience issues logging in or resetting your password, please request support here.

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