Added Functionality for Alternate ID / Unit Numbers

We received a lot of feedback from customers who primarily use the Alternate ID number to identify their assets, rather than the serial number. As a result, we have added some more functionality to both the My Assets instant search and the Assets Report.

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Instant Search

For the My Assets instant search, the new functionality is as easy as searching the Alternate ID in the search field at the top of the page.

As you type by Alternate ID, the results will filter. Best results will come by typing the full Alternate ID - as the search will still use what you have input to identify Serial Number, Model and Model Description.

My Assets Reports

We have decided that wherever there is the ability to filter or search for a serial number in an Assets report, the same can be done with the new Alternate ID drop down.

For more information about using drop-down menus, click here.

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