Summary of Open Transactions Page - Financials Report

The following article is a quick overview of the Summary of Open Transaction page, located in the Financials Report. This page focuses on the open transactions of the customer accounts associated with the end-user. This is a regularly updated version of a Customer Statement.

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Filters Panel

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On the left side of the Summary of Open Transaction page is the Filters Panel. Here you can make some simple changes that will affect the entire report.

  • Company
    • If the end-user has multiple customer numbers attached to their account, they have the ability to select the Company drop-down menu and select one or multiple companies. By default, this option has no companies selected - the end-user must first select one or multiple companies to view the report.
  • Currency
    • This button filter allows the user to filter financial information that relates to a particular currency. This filter doesn't convert data into another currency.
  • Is Overdue
    • This button filter allows the end-user to filter data that is either overdue, or not overdue.

Summary of Open Transactions


There is only one visual on this report, and that is the Summary of Open TransactionsThis table is designed to give the end-user a running total of their Customer Statement.

Unlike a PDF copy of the Customer Statement, this data can be sorted by column - either ascending or descending, and can be exported to .xlsx or .csv as raw data.

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