Invoice History Instant Search

The Invoice History Instant Search gives the user the ability to search for a specific invoice. Only invoices that are paid will appear in this view. Selecting an item in the Instant Search view will display more information about the invoice. A PDF copy of the invoice is also available if requested, and will be sent to a specific email address.

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Instant Search


At the top left of the Instant Search view, next to the title Invoice History, a search field is available. Typing into this field will filter results instantly. This is particularly useful for finding a specific invoice by Invoice Number.

The user can search

  • Invoice Number
  • PO Number
  • Document Number
  • Customer Name

Invoice Details


If an item in the Instant Search view is selected, more information on that invoice will become available. Some fields may be left intentionally blank.

Invoice details include

  • Invoice Number
  • PO Number
  • Customer Account
  • Customer Name
  • Invoice Date
  • Due Date
  • Invoice Amount
  • Currency
  • Document Number
  • Invoice Type

Requesting a PDF Copy of an Invoice

On the far right side of every invoice item on the Instant Search view, a menu button is visible (represented by three vertically stacked dots). Selecting this button will enable a drop-down menu showing options for this item. One of those options is Request Copy of Invoice. Pressing this option will bring up a dialog box.


Once the dialog box appears, all fields that have known information will pre-populate.

The Invoice Number and Customer Account Number fields cannot be modified. To request a copy of a different invoice, the user must find that invoice in the instant search, and select the corresponding Request Copy of Invoice function associated with that invoice.

The email address can be changed if the user wishes to send the invoice to a different address, like someone else in the organisation.

To request the invoice, press the Submit button.

A confirmation email will be sent immediately to the user confirming the request, even if the email address was changed. The PDF copy of invoice can take up to 5 minutes to arrive at the desired destination.

Progress of the request can be viewed on the Requests page.


The stages of the request in regards to generating a PDF invoice are

  • Submitted
    • The request has been received and is waiting to be processed
    • If the request stays in Submitted for more than 10 minutes, please raise a request for support
  • In Progress
    • The PDF copy of invoice is being generated
  • Completed
    • The PDF copy of of invoice has been emailed to the designated email address
  • Cancelled
    • The request was cancelled by an admin due to a technical issue. If a request appears in here and the user is unsure why, please raise a request for support

If a request has been completed but the invoice was not received, please select the request and ensure the email is correct. If no errors are found on the request, please raise a request for support.

Exporting Invoice History as a .CSV


At the top right of the Instant Search view, an Export button is visible. Selecting this Export button will drop down the option to limit how much information the user will download. By default this is set to 100 rows, however there is no limit to the amount of rows that can be exported.

In regards to Invoice History, 1 row equals 1 invoice.

Press the Export button on the dropdown box to start downloading a .CSV file of all available information.

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