Focus Mode and More Options on Report Visuals

Almost every visual element on a report will display small icons when the mouse cursor hovers over them. In most cases, these icons will display at the top right of the visual. In this article, we will cover the Focus Mode icon and the More Options icon.

Quick Navigation

Focus Mode


The first icon to appear when hovering over a visual is the Focus Mode icon. Clicking this icon will make the visual expand to fill the entire report screen.

This can be a particularly useful function with visuals that have information that may require scrolling.

To go back to the full report mode, press the Back to Report button at the top right of focus mode.

More Options

The second available option is More Options represented by 3 horizontal dots. Clicking this icon will enable a drop-down menu with multiple options.

Not all the options that this article covers are available on every visual.

Export Data

The Export Data option will export the raw data that makes up that visual.

There are two types of data that can be exported

  • Summarized Data
    • This will export a .xlsx or .csv of the data displayed on the visual.
  • Underlying Data
    • This will export a .xlsx of the data that makes up that visual

As seen on the Export Data screen, data will be exported with applied filters.

The maximum number of rows that can be exported for:

  • .csv - 30,000
  • .xlsx - 150,000

Exporting summarised data on maps will also export the longitude and latitude of where each asset is placed on the map.

Show Data

Selecting Show Data will present a full screen representation of the visual and summarised data that is associated with it. This is the same summarised data that can be downloaded when exporting summarised data using the Export Data function.


Selecting this option will 'grey out' every other visual on the report page, highlighting the spotlighted visual.

Sort by, Sort Descending & Sort Ascending

Sorting is defined by the Sort by function. Depending on what Sort by is set to, depends on how the Sort Descending and Ascending is displayed.

It is recommended to select the desired Sort by function before changing the order in which the information is sorted by.

The Sort by option vary depending on the information that is made available in the visual.

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