360° Dashboard Overview

The 360° Dashboard gives users with the Executive role a quick 30 day round-up of reporting features that will help ongoing operations. The 360° Dashboard is only available with some roles, like the Executive Role.

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Getting Started

The 360° Dashboard provides a quick view of visual elements that are available in the reports section of the portal. If the user wishes to see more information relating to a visual element, simply click on the element and the user will be directed to the relevant report.

This includes all graphs, charts, text and number tiles.

All elements are locked to show the previous 30 days of data.

Mobile View

The 360° Dashboard is fully responsive, and is optimised for mobile devices while held in portrait orientation. This mobile view can also be performed on a desktop computer if the size of the web browser is reduced significantly.

If the mobile device is changed to landscape orientation, the 360° Dashboard will revert back to desktop mode in most cases.

Menu Button

Located in the bottom right corner of the screen, an icon with three horizontal lines should be visible. Pressing this button will show options specific to this dashboard.

  • Full Screen
    • The dashboard will fill the entire screen, eliminating the left side menu, top menu, web browser user interface and operating system user interface 
    • The full screen option is great for large displays like wall monitors
    • May be ineffective on some mobile devices.
  • Refresh
    • Pressing the refresh button will refresh the 360° Dashboard without refreshing the entire web browser window.


In the event some visuals aren't displaying correctly, refreshing the web browser might help. Otherwise, try the following links below:

If problems still occur, please raise a support request.

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